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Saturday, May 2, 2020


Hi Everyone,

Well, it was a beautiful day today.  I sat out on my deck and did my paper crafting there.  Then the day got even better.  I got 2 packages!  One was some books that I had ordered and the other was from my dear friend, Susan.  She sent me a pair of fingerless gloves that she had knitted for me and the 3 adorable red chickens that you see in the photo below. 

Susan made those red chickens.  She made them for me!  I got right to work and used them to create a new chicken display for our dining room table.  I made the 3 signs that you see a while ago.  I made them with my Cricut Explore Air 2 and some vinyl. 
One of the people I follow on Instagram, Rae.Dunn.forfun, paints wooden beads so that they coordinate with her display, strings them together and hangs them on her displays.  I love that idea and ordered some beads a while ago.  Well, they still haven't been delivered so I strung some red and yellow beads together that are from a strand of Christmas garland that I broke apart. 

I also follow dugansgirls on Instagram.  She has real chickens and used contact paper to paper the inside of their coop to dress it up!

So what I am trying to say that Susan's gift inspired the new display.  That Rae.Dunn.forfun and dugansgirls inspire me to create tiered displays. 

Have a good night.