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Monday, July 11, 2011

Momenta's Design Your Own Stickers

Hi Everyone!

This post will be a little long, but I hope that you will take the time to read it because you will learn about a blog I recently discovered and some very cool products.

Just in! While I was typing this post I received an e-mail from Jamie at Momenta saying that my write up about Rob's party is being featured on their blog today. How cool is that! Stop by and read it by clicking here.  Please remember to come back here!

A couple of weeks ago I wrote about the "Birthday Wishes" Momenta paper I had just purchased. Momenta puts a sticker on the front of each of their products that says, "Free Designer Downloads,". Well, give me a web site to check out and I am there. The Momenta web site is a wonderful place to visit. They have a link to their awesome blog and a wonderful collection of ideas on ways to use their products in addition to great videos that showcase products and techniques. (How's that for a long sentence! Sorry grammarians!) You can also shop on Momenta's web site and print free downloads.

After I explored their web site I decided to visit their Facebook page. It was on that page that I learned about a focus group that they were having at their office in Portsmouth, NH last week. My friend MaryBeth lives near Portsmouth so I quickly contacted her and told her about Momenta and the focus group. She was interested in attending it so I signed both of us up. Now I had a totally win-win opportunity. I was going to hang out with MaryBeth and learn about Momenta products at the same time.

Momenta has a brand new beautiful office in Portsmouth. We were warmly greeted by members of their staff and offered cold beverages and munchies while we waited for the meeting to begin. We were shown paper samples and asked to rate them based on how they appealed to us. Then we were shown all sorts of forthcoming products and asked how we felt about each of them. There are some awesome products in the works that I cannot wait to buy.

The products were amazing and the people that work at Momenta couldn't have been nicer. They were all genuinely excited about their products. They were all truly interested in hearing our ideas. They asked us questions and we asked them questions. The 2 hours flew by and then it was time to leave. As we were leaving we were each given an unbelievable collection of materials to take home and use.

In addition to a paper pad, page kits and multiple packages of chipboard and epoxy stickers we were given a package called Design Your Own Sticker.

Talk about amazing! Talk about a unique product! Talk about fun!  This package contains 2 sheets of white letter and number stickers.

Each sheet has 234 stickers in it for a total of 468 stickers. I typed in the code on the front of the page and was taken to a link where I was given not one, not ten, but seriously thousands of designs that I could choose from to decorate my stickers.

Once I chose my design all I had to do was place the sheet of stickers on my printer tray and hit print.

Seriously? Seriously! That was all I had to do.

How many times have you created a card and discovered you needed just one more "A' and a couple of "P's" and sat there cutting apart other letters to create the letters you needed. Or maybe you ran out to the store to pick up another package of the stickers you used and discovered they were out of stock! With Design Your Own Sticker you could just print another sheet of stickers. (Just be sure to keep a back up package in your sticker collection!)
I think that there are about 2 dozen Create Your Own Sticker designs to choose from at this time.

Momenta has been around since 1979 so I don't know how I could have missed them. Locally here in Massachusetts their products are carried in Michaels, AC Moore, and JoAnn's. I did check the Michaels closest to me and they had a limited selection, but it is a small Michaels and I was told that the one in Natick might have a broader selection. The good news is all of us can buy their products directly from them online. (But I may run over to JoAnn's on Route One to see what they have later today!)

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Peggy Burns said...

I haven't commented lately, but I love reading your blog. Although you make most of my cards now, I love hearing what you have been doing. I can feel the excitement through the computer. Hope your visit with Mary Beth was fun, I know the workshop was.

Monika Wright said...

I hopped over from the Momenta blog, where I am on their Design Team. I am blown away by your awesome party decorations and attention to detail. It was a super post and I enjoyed reading every bit of it. I haven't yet tried out my new DIY stickers, so you're one up on me.

It's so neat to hear about your experience at the Momenta headquarters, what a neat way to spend an afternoon with your girlfriend!

Have Fun and Craft On!

Shirley said...

Congratulation on your post being 'posted'! Also thanks for all of the great information about the stickers and possibilities too!