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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Halloween Frames and Petal Cards

Good Morning!

About 2 months ago I decided to combine two of my passions, teaching and paper crafting, by teaching paper crafting classes in my home. I offer the same class twice a week to help accomodate everyone’s busy schedule. Attendance varies from week to week as friends select paper crafts that fit their needs and interests.

The first week’s class was called Tool School. In that class everyone was given the opportunity to "play" with some of the tools we would be using in future classes. The following week we created birthday cards because those seem to be the type of cards that are in the greatest demand. This week everyone made an altered Halloween frame and a petal Halloween card.

Everyone used the same black frame, but how that frame was decorated was left up to them. All of my Halloween paper punches were on the tables along with an assortment of Halloween papers and embellishments. The participants in Tuesday night’s class mostly chose to follow my sample, but also added some touches of their own.

That's Jill hiding behind her frame.  Her daughter is getting married next month.

Meet Janet, proud grandmother of Sadie

Here's Peggy!  Peggy will be surprising her family with her creations. 
When the frames were completed everyone selected their own Halloween papers and used some templates from a Klutz press book to create a petal card. There were 3 petals in the cards. Messages and embellishments can be added to the petals.

Front of folded petal card

Back of folded petal card.

First petal is now open.

Second petal is open.

Third petal is open.  EEK!  A spider!
Off for a day of paper crafting shopping with Janet! 

Have a great day!


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