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Wednesday, November 8, 2017


Hi Everyone!

I am a little hesitant to share what I created today because the tool I used doesn't seem to be available any place.  I decided to show you what I made anyway because maybe you'll find the tool or maybe you already have one and haven't used it in a while. 

I used my Martha Stewart Crafts Small Triangle Ornament Template to create a snowflake that is about 12" wide. 

To make this snowflake you need six 6" squares of paper.  I used 6 squares of Neenah white metallic paper.  The resulting snowflake is shiny and beautiful.

You use the template to create 6 single ornaments.  Then you glue the 6 ornaments together to create a snowflake. 

I used some double sided Halloween papers in October and made the same decoration, but didn't call it a snowflake.  I also made one using some double sided pineapple paper and hung it in my kitchen window. 

The decorations are very easy to make.  It takes about an hour to make one snowflake.  So if you have the tool dust it off and make some snowflakes.  If you don't have the tool, keep your eyes open.  You never know one might appear in the clearance section of some store.

Have a great night!

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