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Friday, October 12, 2018

Wine Corks Pumpkin

Hi Everyone!

Like many of you I read magazines, receive online newsletters, follow blogs, and search the Internet for crafting inspiration.  While I was searching for Thanksgiving ideas I saw many images of pumpkins that were created from wine corks.  I decided to create one of my own.  I grabbed my stash of recycled corks and counted out 25 of them.

Some sites suggest using a paintbrush and acrylic paint to paint the ends of the corks.  Several sites suggest dipping the ends of the corks into a puddle of acrylic paint and letting the excess drip off. 

I found some orange acrylic paint in my stash.  I poured a puddle of it onto a paper plate and dipped one end of 24 corks into orange paint and the end of one cork into green paint.  It took more than an hour for the paint to completely dry.  Then I painted the other ends of each cork. 

When the corks were completely dry I used a hot glue gun to glue them together.  I know that the pumpkin was supposed to look rustic, but I didn't like the natural look of the sides of the pumpkin. I decided to paint them.  I also used a paintbrush to add a little paint to the spaces between each cork.

I still wasn't happy.  The orange paint wasn't dark enough for me.  I glanced up at the clock and it was 8:30 at night.  I thought about asking Robbie to drive me to JoAnn's to buy some darker paint, but then I had an idea. 

I poured some orange paint into a bowl.  Then I added some red paint and stirred the 2 colors together.  The orange got darker.  I painted the entire pumpkin again and was happy with it. 

I used an oak leaf die to cut some green felt leaves and hot glue gunned them to the top of the pumpkin.  Here's my creation.

Have a great day!


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