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Saturday, June 12, 2010

More cards for you to see

Hi Everyone!

Welcome to our new friends who have joined us here. I'll happily post any ideas or photographs that you'd like to share with us.

I’ve decided that there should be a sign at the entrance of all papercrafting stores stating, "Caution, papercrafting is addictive." If I could, I would spend every minute of every day making cards. Maybe it’s because I get a finished product in a relatively short time.
If I could I would spend ALL of my money on papercrafting supplies. (I almost do!) Maybe it’s because the papers, paper punches, stamps, brads, ribbons, and embellishments are just so appealing!

I created about 75 cards this past week. As I told you a few posts ago a friend of mine has been selling my cards to her co-workers so she has been keeping me VERY busy. I have been having so much fun.

I keep 2 small waste baskets next to my workspace. One is for trash and one is for things that can be recycled. Even though both of them are on the floor right next to me, as I trim papers and cut things out and peel the backs off of strips of Scor-Pal tape, little scraps drift to the floor.
If you watch Rachael Ray’s cooking show you know that she keeps a "garbage bowl" next to her as she works. I adopted that idea when I am cooking and it has come in very handy.

Early this morning while I was cleaning up paper scraps that had fallen to the floor, I had this great idea, "I NEED a "garbage bowl" on my papercrafting table.!" I grabbed a bowl and put it on the table. As I cut out the graduation hats I had stamped, I cut over the bowl and the trimmings fell into the bowl. As I peeled the backs off of the strips of Scor-Pal tape, I tossed them in the bowl. When I had finished creating today’s cards, I looked on the floor. There wasn’t one scrap there! It works! Maybe I should market "papercrafting bowls"! Try works.

I told you that I pick up stickers that I like whenever I see them in the dollar section of Michaels or on clearance. Sometimes I don’t have an immediate need for them, but I can look at them and "know" that I will or won’t want to use them one day. Such was the case with some cooking stickers I picked up a while ago. I just realized that I only photographsed 3 of the 6 cards I created, but you’ll get the idea. I used the same stamps over and over again, but changed the colors I used and changed the embellishment that I added to each card. I think it's fun to look and see how the different papers look.

I adapted the idea for a graduation card I saw on the Hero Arts blog and created the card shown here. It is a petal card. The template I used is part of a set of templates that comes with the Klutz Press Handmade Cards book. I cut some "sky paper" and attached it to the inside of the card. The hats are stamped from the Hero Arts "Happy Graduation" clear stamps set. The "Congratulations Graduate" stamp is also from Hero Arts.

Here’s another graduation card I made.
Stop by tomorrow to see some of the other cards I created this week.

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