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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

It's Tuesday

Hi Everyone!

What a day! My computer is still having issues and I am still in the process of unpacking and sorting through 35 years worth of teaching tools. They need to be organized so that I can easily put my hands on the materials I need for my teacher trainings. They are being stored in the basement on shelves and must be "above sea level" meaning not at ground level so when the floods come again nothing gets ruined. Notice I said "when" and not "if" as it’s likely we will have water again this summer.

I think I have finally organized all of the papercrafting materials that I used to keep at the store. Peggy, thanks for your suggestion about storing my stickers in a binder. I like that idea, but in my case it won’t work. Since I have been teaching and will be teaching papercrafting classes I often purchase multiples of stickers especially when I see ones I like on clearance. That means I have a LOT of stickers. I have found at least a temporary solution and it may even be a permanent one.

I discovered a small 6-drawer unit that had a little of this and a little of that in it in my stash of "school" stuff. I gave those things a new home and brought the drawers upstairs and cleaned them up. One drawer is now the home for baby stickers. The others are for cooking, summer, miscellaneous 1, miscellaneous 2, and for the moment- empty! My birthday stickers get a larger container of their own. The miscellaneous drawers don’t have enough of any one theme to make me want to break them up any further. Toni would suggest that I label the drawers, (You would, wouldn’t you , Toni?), but until I know this is the arrangement that I want I am not going to "gunk" up the fronts of the drawers with stickers or labels.

I bought some decorative magazine files at Marshalls and I’ve sorted and filed my copies of PaperCrafts, Creating Keepsakes, Scrapbooks, ETC., and special issue magazines in them. I moved my papercrafting and other craft books to a new home on a bookshelf I brought home from work a while ago.

A friend of mine has been selling some of my cards at work. She gave me a list of themes and cards that I need to restock so today I worked on "Get Well" cards. She told me that the "Heard you caught a little bug" card was a big hit and suggested I make a lot of them. So I did. I’ve shown you this card before, but here it is again. I had 9 ladybug buttons, so I made 10 identical cards. Yes, I said 10, not 9. There was one piece of paper left after I had trimmed it and I decided that I can always pick up more ladybug buttons.

The ‘Heard you caught a little bug" stamp and the "Chicken Soup, comfort food" stamp on these cards are from the Take It EZ Collection from Woodware USA. My new filing system for my stickers has already paid off. I looked in the "cooking" drawer and found a variety of stickers that I can use with the Chicken soup/comfort food image. I think that "feel better soon" is a great message to use with chicken soup/comfort food.
So that's it for today. I made a few more baby cards too and I'll share them with you tomorrow.
Time to do some more organizing!


sucor said...

I just found your blog and I'm loving it! I am becoming a follower. I wish you had the option to subscribe by email which I prefer.

Cindy said...

To label your plastic drawers until you decide if they're permanent you could write/decorate a tag and tape it to the inside (handle area) of the drawer so that it shows through the drawer. One piece of tape at the top is enough. This is how I label my plastic bins at school.

Also, LOVE the felt dog. Toooo cute!!!!!