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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Organization page 1

Hi Everyone!

The January issues of many magazines feature articles on organization. January sales often include storage products to help us organize paperwork for taxes and products to help us organize the rooms in our homes. I know that when I first started to post on this blog I shared photographs and thoughts on ways that I organize my papercrafting tools. Most of my organization system has remained the same over the past 10 months, but I figured I'd update my photographs and share my thoughts with old and new readers of this blog.

A year ago I preferred stamping with clear stamps. I still purchase and use clear stamps, but wooden stamps are now my first choice. My wooden stamps are stored on the wall so that I can see them as I work. Some are in a teak flatware organizer, some are in an open shadow box, and some are in a wooden shelf as they were a year ago. Others are now in those fabric covered drawer organizers that in Massachusetts can be found in Marshalls, TJ Maxx, and HomeGoods stores. The organizers are very sturdy and when I stand them up on one of their sides they work as "shelves" for my stamps. I try to keep the stamps organized by theme and as the seasons change I rotate them so that the current season is right above my computer screen.

My clear stamps are stored in clear cd cases as are my Nestability dies. I've never taken the time to label the cases and I am guessing I never will. I store them roughly in alphabetical order and I can locate what I want easily.

My ink pads are in the same flatware organizer that they were stored in a year ago. It works for me. I still mainly use ColorBox ink pads, but I use Memento ink pads more and more often and have added additional ones to my collection. The organizer is now filled, but there are a few ink pads that I can move out if I purchase more of my preferred ones.

I store some of my ribbon on a paper towel holder that just happens to have a wooden shelf on it. I now store my mini ribbon rolls in a plastic organizer and additional rolls of ribbon in a larger plastic organizer. They are sorted by color and I can easily see what I have.

I still have some of my brads displayed in a corkboard on the wall. I rarely use those brads. They add color to my work area. I use the brads that are stored in silicone muffin wrappers on a small cupcake stand. I simply pick up the muffin wrapper that has the brads I want to use and place it next to me as I work. I used to store brads in votive candle holders, but now find this works the best for me. The cupcake stand holds 12 muffin wrappers and doesn't take up much room on my worktable.

I picked up this 3 tiered basket in HomeGoods. I like it because I can store lots of things in a small area. I always keep my hand punches in the top tier. Depending upon what I am creating, I change the contents of the other 2 baskets.

Lots more photographs and thoughts to share with you so please stop by again soon.



Monika Wright said...

I love seeing how people organize their space, and their tools. Love that muffin organizer idea!

Carol Hartery said...

Thanks Monika. I think it's so much fun to learn from each other. I love seeing ideas for organization and ideas for papercrafts. That's why I love blogs. There are so many great ideas to see.