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Saturday, March 12, 2011

St. Patrick's Day Cards Again!

Top of the Morning to ALL of you!

Last night I sat down and worked into the wee hours of today creating St. Patrick's Day cards.  Earlier in the day I studied the cards I made a few weeks ago and decided they weren't my favorites so I edited them.  My original cards looked too flat to me and didn't have any texture. 

First I went to JoAnn's where I picked up 3 packages of K & Company's "Happy St. Patrick's Day" Dimensional Stickers.  Kathy, I used the gift certificate you gave me to purchase them.  Thanks, Kathy!
I embossed all but one of the cards I created last night.  I like the one that isn't embossed, but I feel that the embossing adds something extra to the cards without adding weight to them.  In addition to dimensional stickers I used ribbon and alphabet stickers from my stash on the some of the cards.  You'll also see some Favorite Findings shamrock buttons on a few of the cards.  I created 2 of the pots of gold with a Denami Designs medium round bowl stamp.  They were on my first 2 cards that I shared a few weeks ago which are the ones I edited last night. 

You'll notice that each card is only slightly different from the others.  I am okay with that this time.  Simply by changing the direction of the card or the embellishments or papers on the card  I have provided choices. they are...

Hope that you find a pot of gold today!

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Shannon White said...

These are very cute! Love the embossing! 8-)