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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Happy Birthday Owen

Hi Everyone!
I've missed you and hope you've missed me.  I have been incredibly busy with teacher trainings and will be busy with them for the next few weeks.  Since this blog is one of my hobbies, from time to time it has to take a backseat to other commitments.

While I have been planning, preparing, and presenting teacher trainings, I've had so many request for cards from mainly friends and families that I've had to keep on list of them on my computer so I won't forget anyone.  I spent the morning taking inventory of my cards so I know what I need to work on for the upcoming craft fairs.  I also took the time to straighten out all of my crafting supplies so that I am familiar with what I have and what I need.  Then I created the first card I've made in at least a week which is highly unusual for me. 

My friend Sandy's grandson, Owen, will celebrate his 3rd birthday in a little over a week.  Sandy said that Owen loves trucks and tools.  I decided to make him a truck card.  I searched in the local chain craft stores for some "cool" truck stickers, but didn't find anything I liked.  Then I remembered I've had that same problem in the past.  One of these days I need to order some online so I'll have them here when I need them.  Happily I do have a wooden dump truck stamp that I decided to use.  Be sure to click on the photograph to enlarge it so you can see it more clearly. 

I used a ColorBox black pigment ink pad to stamp the image 3 times on some yellow tag.  Then I fussy cut each truck.  I cut some black tag to create the road and some paper from October Afternoon to create the hills.  I used a white "Gelly" Roll marker to draw the lines on the road.  The trucks and one of the hills are attached to the card with adhesive foam to add dimension to the card.  If you look closely you will see a silver rhinestone headlight and a red rhinestone tail light on each truck.  I added some black pearl stickers to the smoke stacks and one of the tires on each truck.  The trucks are hauling cupcakes for the birthday boy. 

I stamped the text on a scrap of tag and then punched the side edges to make it look like a ticket.  I added some black pearl stickers to it.  There are 3 of lots of things on the card.  Owen's brother Henry and cousin, Sami, can help Owen find them. 

Hope you have a nice evening. 
I'll try to stop by again tomorrow. 

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