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Saturday, August 18, 2012

A Shower for Amy

Hi Everyone!

I am taking a short break from all things preschool to write this post.  In July our dear friends Amy and Mike had their first child, Emma Grace.  On Thursday Angela, Kathy, Martha, Peggy and I gave Amy a little baby shower at her home. 

This was the centerpiece.  We used a baby wash cloth, a bib, and a onesie to make each of the "cupcakes".  

The boo boo bunnies are made from baby wash cloths.

We had real cupcakes for dessert with polka dotted purple cupcake wrappers, purple sprinkles inside and on the cupcakes, and tiny purple decorations.

The party favors were little diapers that were filled with candy hearts that had baby messages on them. 

I've made these diapers from flannel, but since I thought of making them at the last minute I used purple patterned papers.   Cut a 6" square of paper.  Fold it diagonally so you see a triangle. Pretend you are folding a real diaper.  I used tiny staples to hold the diaper together. 
Congratulations Amy and Mike!



Shirley said...

How fun and so pretty too! I know she loved every minute of it!! What memories!

Barb said...

My goodness this whole post has my biological clock gonging! Those little diapers are sooo cute! And the cupcakes, real and gift are perfect. What an awesome baby shower :)