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Monday, September 3, 2012

Halloween Mini Cards

Good Morning Everyone!

Happy Labor Day!  Sorry that my postings have been so scattered over the past month.  I have been pulled in too many directions and haven't sat down to do any papercrafts.  However, I had free time this weekend and sat at this table for hours creating a variety of fun things. 

I have some Halloween mini cards to share with you.  I have been creating a lot of mini cards lately because they are quick, simple, cute and just plain satisfying and fun to make.  I have been giving out sets of them as little gifts.   They have received such a positive response that I keep creating more of them. 

I was telling my friend Janet that I usually don't pay a lot of attention to Martha Stewart's embellishments in the box stores, but get all excited when I find them in the discount stores.  I found some of her Halloween buttons the other day and added them to my now overflowing container of Halloween "stuff". 

On Friday night I pulled out some of the buttons and stickers and created these cards.

Isn't this sticker gorgeous!

I rounded 2 corners on some cards, 4 on others and left some of the cards as a 2.75" square. 

Thanks for stopping by. 

1 comment:

Peggy Burns said...

These are cute too. Are they ok to mail (large enough for post office standards)?