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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Easter Appetizers

Happy Day before Easter!

Marie and I have been preparing some of the food for tomorrow.  I thought I'd share photographs of the appetizers we just made.

We used a flower vegetable cutter and a small round cookie cutter to create these cheese daisies.  The stems are scallions.  The cheese will be served with an assortment of crackers.

I saw the idea for these stuffed grape tomatoes on Pinterest.  I wanted to buy a package that had red, orange, and yellow grape tomatoes in it, but they were much more expensive this early in spring.  I used a sharp paring knife to cut an "X" in the stem end of each tomato.  Then I pushed a strip of scallion through the X.  I lay each tomato on each side and cut three slits through the tomato (that created 6 slits).  I scraped out the seeds and piped some chive cream cheese into each tomato.  I put a few spinach leaves on the platter before I added the tomatoes.  

We saw this idea on Pinterest.  Marie made the cheese mixture and shaped it into 3 carrots.  She added fresh parsley for the carrot tops and laid the carrots out on some spinach leaves.

Marie arranged celery, red peppers and carrots on an egg shaped plate to create a "veggie Easter egg" that will be served with dip.  She complained about the red peppers I bought and said I should have bought yellow ones because "red" didn't belong on the Easter egg. 
That's it so far.  Will be back with more pictures later....


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Emily Keaton said...

Oh, these look super delicious, Carol!! Looks like you had lots of fun preparing all these yummy Easter appetizers. I bet your guests were super impressed! I know I am. So creative!!!