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Thursday, September 5, 2013

Black and White Note Card

Hi Everyone!

I've written about my 92 year old friend Annie many times.  We have been friends for 38 years.  Annie prefers snail mail to email so we write letters to each other and mail them!

Today a store bought note card arrived from Annie. 

I really liked the look of that note card and decided to create something similar for Annie.

I used a Denami Design stamp to create the card.  Before I started to stamp I pounced an Embossing Magic Pouch across my card.  The powdery substance prevents stray embossing powder from sticking where it's not wanted.  I used my Versamark Ink Pad to stamp the image on my card.  There's no pattern to the stamped images. I just played with the stamp.  The little lizard sticker is covering an OOPS!  (Don't tell Annie!)

Have a nice night!

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