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Monday, November 15, 2010

Santa's Workshop

Good Morning Everyone!

Shhh! I'll tell you a little secret. Santa's workshop isn't really at the North Pole. It's my dining Massachusetts!

I have been as busy as Santa's elves. While I was coloring some of my "warm winter wishes" cards I had an idea. I thought of an ornament I made years ago that was a basket of knitting. After tracking down the little baskets I made a few of the ornaments and took them to the craft fair in Acton. They sold immediately so I have been making more of them for the next 2 craft fairs. I used some of my paper crafting ribbon to edge the baskets.

I had such a good time making the knitting basket ornament that I decided to make some other ornaments too. These drums are my favorite. As you can see they are made from small papier mache boxes that are covered with scrapbook paper. The drumsticks are made from tiny craft sticks with a pony bead on the end of them. The boxes can be opened, but I am going to discourage people from doing that because the cording that I used for the drum hangers makes the covers fit very tightly on the boxes. If you make these drums and don't plan to use them as ornaments, skip the cording and the boxes will open easily.

Will be back again in a day or two to share some other ornaments with you. Have a great day!


Peggy Burns said...

Sorry I missed the fair, life needs to slow down a bit. Love the ornaments, what a clever idea. The drum boxes are great, cute table decoration with little candies inside. You are just too clever.

Carol Hartery said...

Thanks Peggy! I missed you. You should see this place right now...NOT! Marie's into projects lately too for work. Happily she does clean up when she's done, but when she's out!