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Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Hi Everyone!
This is my second post of the day.  If you are looking for the Denami Girlie Girl blog post it's the one before this one.  I wanted to share some Mother's Day cards with you as my way of wishing you a Happy Mother's Day. 

I used some paper from the DCWV All About Girls Stack for this card.  It was such an easy card to create.  I simply cut the paper and adhered it to a blank card.  Then I use Nestabilities to cut some circles  and a high heels paper punch to cut a pair of shoes to mount on the circles.  I stamped the text on a scrap of paper and mounted it on another scrap before I attached it to the card.  I added adhesive pearls to the heels I had cut with a paper punch and to the heels that were a part of the patterned paper. 

This second card was created with a different section of the same patterned paper that I used for the first card.  This time I paper punched 3 pairs of heels and attached them to the patterned paper.  I again added some adhesive pearls to the shoes to dress them up. 

I cannot remember if I have posted any of these cards.  They were created to coordinate with the paper flower wreaths I made. 

Now a couple of quick stories.  I noticed on aol that they were sharing "true confessions" to mom.  Well, I didn't need to confess my crimes to my mother as she clearly couldn't have missed them. 

When  my brother, sisters, and I were growing up Bobby and I used to play squash every night in the summer.  Our very of squash was played like kickball except we punched the ball instead of kicking it.  We used to use the playground balls that were sold in grocery stores many years ago for probably under a dollar. 

We usually played squash in the middle of Willow Street in West Roxbury, MA, but one day Bobby and I decided to play it in our living and dining rooms.  Our parents weren't home.  I was standing at one end of the living room and punched the ball towards the dining room.  The ball hit my great grandmother's china closet and punched a PERFECTLY round circle in the glass before it shattered all of the crystal glasses on the first shelf which crashed down to the second shelf which crashed down to the third shelf.  Yep, I did it. 
Not sure how old I was.  Definitely old enough to have known better. 

To make matters better, worse??? a few days later I stubbed my toe on a piece of furniture and cut it open.  My mother applied some Methyolade to it.  I am not even sure if Methyolade is even made any more.  It was this bright red ointment that burned when it was applied to any open sore.  Anyway after my mom applied it to my toe she asked me to put the bottle back in the medicine cabinet which was in the bathroom on the second floor in our house. 

We had BRAND new tan carpeting on our stairs and in the downstairs and upstairs halls.  When I say I BRAND new I mean carpeting  that had been installed the day before this incident.  While I was walking up the stairs for some unknown reason I opened the bottle and then accidentally dropped it onto one of the stairs.  Some of it spilled on that step before the bottled bounced to the next step spilling out more of its contents.  I frantically tried to remove it...with the heel of my slipper.  Then I raced up the stairs smearing more onto each step and onto the hall rug.  Yep, I did it.

Last story.  When my mother was 39 years old she thought she was going through the change.  It turned out that she was pregnant with twins.  Paula and Pam were born when she was about 40 and I was 10 years old.  At some point my parents decided to move Paula and Pam's cribs into the room that Jeanne and I had shared and I was given my own room.  This room had been called the "Train Room" and had wallpaper with old fashioned vehicles on it.  The wallpaper was fairly new.

Well, I was very excited about my new room.  I applied some kind of liquid brown furniture polish to my desk and vigorously rubbed it in.  I didn't notice that as I rubbed the polish onto the desk I was also brushing the cloth against the wallpaper.  Suddenly I looked and saw a streak of brown polish running along the wallpaper at the top edge of my desk.  This time I tried to hide my crime.  I lined books up against the wall.  I must have lined up too many books or something because my crime was detected by my parents.

So today I shared those stories with Robbie and Marie and asked if they had any "crimes" that they wanted to confess to me.  They both denied ever commiting any crimes.  Hmmm....
Happy Mother's Day to all !

Talk to you again soon.  It's going to be another busy week.  Teacher training tomorrow, 2 parent and child programs on Tuesday, and another teacher training on Wednesday.  In addition to paying the bills, those trainings help support this paper crafting addiction of mine.



Lisa R. said...

Great background paper! So cute! TFS joy4umetoo at hotmail dot com

Shirley said...

Great memories and stories and beautiful cards! Your are so creative! I really couldn't pick a favorite. TFS