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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

A Patriotic Display

Hi Everyone!

About once every 4 to 6 weeks I change the displays in our home to reflect an upcoming holiday or season. Right now I have a patriotic theme going and there are touches of red, white, and blue throughout the kitchen, dining room, and living room.

Remember the pinwheel bouquet I had on my table to welcome spring? Well, I liked it so much that I created a red, white, and blue one the other night. I put some red, white and blue sand in the vase to help anchor the pinwheels.

A couple of years ago I used a printer's tray that had 12 spaces in it to create a calendar for my sister Jeanne. I loved how it turned out and ever since then I have been dying to use printer's trays to create a variety of displays. I think it would be fun to use 4 small trays that could be hung together and have each one represent a different season.

I decided to create a patriotic display so I pulled out some red and blue papers and a few buttons. I picked up a package of K&Company's Americana borders along with some patriotic stickers and got to work. The resulting display is a combination of store bought and handmade embellishments.

The blue stars in the upper left hand corner of the display were inspired by a post written by the oh so incredible Kimber McGray last June on the Scrapbooks and Cards Today blog. Last year I used those stars on cards, gift bags, and a wreath. I use a Sizzix die to cut the star shape, but you could also cut stars from clip art or trace a cookie cutter. The pop dots that are under the stars help make them stronger.

I created the pinwheel that is in the lower center of the printer's tray.  I used a 2.5" square to create it.  The pinwheel's handle is a mini craft stick, but I think I'd like it better with a straw or coffee stirrer. 

The upper right hand corner of the display is my favorite section.  I have wanted to learn how to create the rosettes that you see ever since I first saw one. I wasn't sure of their name so I couldn't look for directions to learn how to make them. The other night I was reading an old issue of Scrapbooks, ETC and on the very last page of the magazine there was a picture of some rosettes and the text read to go to for online instructions.

I felt as if my fingers were all thumbs when I tried to assemble the first rosette, but the second one came together much more easily. The strips I used are 1.25" wide by 12" long. Each rosette is mounted on a 2" circle that I cut with a blue Marvy Uchida circle punch. I covered each circle completely with Scor-tape before I attempted to attach the accordion folded rosette. I could not pinch the rosette the way the picture in the instructions showed, so I gently laid it out on the taped circle and just kept adjusting it until it started to come together. I didn't join the edges together until the rosette was almost done. Robbie and Marie both commented on the rosettes and neither believed I had made them!

I saw a package of tiny "firecrackers" at AC Moore. I studied them and knew I could create my own. I cut strips of paper that were one inch wide and 9" long. I attached a strip of Scor-tape along both of the short sides of each strip and then added a piece of white twine to one of those short sides. Then I rolled up the strip and used the tape at the other end to fasten it together. Easy peasy. I think the "firecrackers" would also make great candles.

So I made some the "Kimber McGray" stars, the rosettes, the fire crackers, and the pinwheel. Everything else on the display is either a piece of border, a sticker or a button. I am thrilled with the way the display turned out and definitely plan to make more of them for other themes.

I have another parent/child program later today and I also plan to work on some graduation cards.
Hope you have a great day!


Cindy said...

Love the tray! Too cute! You did a great job on the things you made.

Shannon White said...

What a great tray! So Festive! Love it! 8-)

Shannon 8-)