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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Chevron Valentines

Happy New Year's Eve!

It's going to be a quiet night here, but I am fine with that because it's been a very busy week.  While Janet and I were out shopping yesterday she asked if I had watched Jennifer McGuire's video on chevrons.  I hadn't, but decided to watch it last night.  Like ALL of Jennifer's videos it was amazing and I decided to create a chevron of my own. 

I looked through my pink, red, and valentine papers and chose 5 of them to create a chevron that could be used on some of my valentines.  I followed Jennifer's instructions exactly and then cut up some of the chevron to create this first valentine. 

The flowers were created with a Wavy Stem Trio wooden stamp from Denami Design and the text was created with a wooden stamp from Victorine Originals.

I used one of my standard heart Nestabilities to cut a heart from my chevron.  Then I mounted the chevron heart onto a scalloped white tag heart that was created from a scalloped heart Nestability die.  I pierced the edges of  the white heart to make it look like lace.

The text was stamped with a Lockhart wooden stamp.  The tiny hearts on either side of the text and at the top of the chevron heart are brads.

I used the negative stencil that was left after I die cut the heart to create my third card.

As you can see I used Denami Design's Wavy Stem Trio wooden stamp on this card too.  I found the shiny white heart shaped buttons in my stash. 

I used another piece of my chevron on today's 4th card.
Yesterday I found some valentine stickers in the dollar bin at JoAnn's.  One of the stickers was a tiny envelope.  I took it apart and used it as a pattern so I could create additional envelopes.  I used a punch to create most of the hearts.  Some of them are epoxy stickers from my stash.

Hope you have a wonderful night!

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Shirley said...

How totally awesome all of your cards are and, of course, I am going to have to watch that video too. Darn you!!! Wishing you and yours a Very Happy Healthy New Year, Carol!!