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Tuesday, December 20, 2011


Hi Everyone!

The inspiration for today's card came while I was visiting the Crate & Barrel website.  I spotted a coffee mug that I knew would be perfect for Marie.
I realized I could easily create a coordinating card.  I searched through my sticker drawer and found several packages of "Design Your Own Sticker" from Momenta.  If you aren't familiar with these stickers it's time for you to learn about them.  Basically you purchase a package of the stickers.  The directions on the back of the package tell you to go to the Momenta website, type in the code for the package, choose the design or colors you want your stickers to be and print them.  The hardest part may be choosing from the hundreds of colors and designs. 

Here's the card I made for Marie.

Pretty cool, huh!  I think she'll love the card and the mug. 

Have a great day!