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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Carrot boxes for Easter

Hi Everyone!

Gloomy raw day out there today, but it's bright and cheery inside.  I've been working on so many projects that my house is overdecorated for Easter.  We're looking forward to having my cousin, Linda, and her husband, Tom, and my sister, Jeanne, to dinner today. 

When I was younger my Nana Riley used to call me "Carrots" because my favorite vegetable back then was carrots.  Now my brother, Bobby, is the only one who ever addresses me that way.  My love of carrots lives on in papercrafting.

I found a great selection of carrot making videos and blog posts on the Internet.

I used their ideas to create my own carrots boxes.

Hope you have a fun-filled day!


Debbie Seyer said...


I love what you did with the Carrot templates! Your carrots are so cute!

Michele said...

Your carrots are adorable! So glad I was able to inspire you! :)