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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Teri Anderson

Hi Everyone!

One of the blogs I read regularly is Teri Anderson's "A Bit of This.  A Bit of That."  Over and over again Teri's creations have inspired me to create many of the cards and gifts I give my friends and family. 

Before I share the link to one of Teri's recent posts I need to explain why it excited me.  From the time she could walk and talk Marie has been obsessed with paper and pens.  She'd walk around with a little gift bag that was filled with paper and pens and would suddenly stop, take out some paper and a pen and would say, "Write somesin (something) down."  Then she'd scribble on the paper and put it back in her bag. 

Marie will turn 25 on April 3.  One of her desk drawers is filled with the pads of Post-Its she has acquired over the years.  She owns more pens than the local office supply store and stilll loves to get one that's a little "different".  She's in graduate school and uses binders for the notes from her classes.  She loves all things pretty. 

So when I read Teri's recent post on "Page Dividers" I squealed with delight because I knew they were something that Marie will totally LOVE.  I read that post fairly late on Friday night, but still managed to create 2 sets of 6 page dividers before I went to bed!

I used some papers from Echo Park's "Dots & Stripes" collection to make my page dividers.  The papers fit perfectly into the polka dot theme I am putting together for Marie's birthday.  I followed Teri's instructions, but went a step further.  I added a diagonal or half page pocket to each divider.  The tabs I used are from Martha Stewart's office supplies collection.

The dividers were so easy to create.  I will NEVER buy those boring white ones that the stores sell again.  Neither will Marie.  I'm sure I'll be making her many more sets. 

Have a great day!

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