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Monday, July 21, 2014

Elephant Baby Card

Hi Everyone!

Robbie's friends, Sean and Jen, had their first child last week.  Robbie asked me to make a card for them.  He looked at pictures of my cards and said he wanted one with 4 windows.  Several years ago I had a package of blank cards with 4 windows, but I don't have any now so I thought I would try to create my own.

I started out by trying to make one using a Sizzix die, but the windows were too small.  Then I tried using some of my square Nestability dies, but I had a difficult time keeping them uniform.  I decided to use my blue Marvy Uchida square paper punch and that worked for me.  That paper punch creates a square that is just shy of 1.5".

I cut my layering paper so that it measured 4.25" x 5.25".  I worked on the back of the paper, measured down 1/2" from the top along the short side and drew a line across.  I lined the edge of my paper punch up with the line I had drawn, slid the punch in as far as it would go and punched a square.  I did the same thing along the opposite edge of the paper.  Now I had 2 squares that were side by side.

I measured down 1/4" from the squares I had punched and drew a line across.  Then I again punched 2 squares.  Now I had my 4 windows. 

Now I trimmed 1/8" off of each side of the paper.  I didn't do that originally because I wanted to have a 1/4" strip of paper between my squares and I was able to do that when I slid the paper punch into the original paper.

I had planned for the squares to be at the top of the card, but I decided to use my "It's a Girl!" wooden stamp from My Sentiments Exactly and decided that stamp would look better at the top of the card so I just rotated my paper 180 degrees.  That worked because the polka dot patterned paper I used looks the same in every direction. 

I adhered the paper to a blank A2 card.  I used foam tape when I placed an elephant in each window.

Here's the card.

I used a Martha Stewart Elephant paper punch to create the elephants.  I added tiny black rhinestones for their eyes.  The punch creates a 3-dimensional ear on each elephant. 
Have a great day!

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