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Monday, February 21, 2011

Shamrocks and Butterflies

Good Morning Everyone!

A few weeks ago I shared this photograph of the hearts I made after I learned about them from Audrey Yeager's "Heart Garland Tutorial" on the SEI blog.  Those hearts were so easy to put together that I decided to use them to create other seasonal decorations.

I used some Marzipan paper from SEI's Christmas Mint collection to create this shamrock. I created 3 hearts to make the shamrock. For the center heart instead of having a 6" inch strip as the 4th strip I used a 12" one and then trimmed it after I assembled the shamrock.

This butterfly was created with some Butter Creams paper from SEI's Christmas Mint collection. I created 2 hearts to make the butterfly. I cut a 12" strip of paper that is 1/2" wide to make the anntennae. I wrapped each end of the strip around a pencil to curl it and then attached it to the butterfly.

By the way the Christmas Mint assortment pack is on clearance on the Shopsei shopping site. 

If you put 4 hearts together you could create a 4 leaf clover. Put 5 hearts together and you'll have a flower!

Thanks Audrey! Thanks SEI!


Have a great day!


Audrey Yeager said...

Carol I have GOOSEBUMPS looking at creations!!!!!!! I absolutely LOVE them! I am SOOO flattered that you were able to find inspiration in my tutorial and you TOTALLY knocked these projects out of the park! Now I am going to have to try YOUR ideas!!!! Thanks again!

Carol Hartery said...

Thanks so much for your kind words Audrey. Your hearts were so much fun to make. My daughter "swiped" mine and hung them in the nursing home where she works. I am guessing the shamrocks will disappear next. Thanks for your inspiration.