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Sunday, February 26, 2012

St. Patrick's Day Cards

Good Morning Everyone!

Today I am going to share a St. Patrick's Day wreath, some cards and of course a story.  When Robbie and Marie were younger a leprechaun lived with us.  Signs of him would appear early in March each year.  We'd open the refrigerator and would discover that our milk had turned green!  We'd pour an unopened can of juice that was clearly marked "Fruit Punch", but when we poured it the juice was green.  We'd make instant vanilla pudding that turned green while we were stirring it.  On St. Patrick's Day while we mashed a pot of potatoes they'd turn green.  Year after year both of my children squealed with delight as they discovered the tricks that the tiny creature had played on us. 

One day Robbie and his friend Steven were playing in the sandbox in our backyard.  Suddenly I heard both of them screaming, "Mom, Mom!"  "Carol, Carol!", as they raced into the house.  I could tell by the tone of their voices that they were both very excited about something.  Robbie extended his arm towards me to show what was hidden inside his hand.  It was a tiny lug nut cover that resembled a top hat.  Both children were completely convinced that they had found a leprechaun's hat.  They begged me to lock it up inside the china closet so that the leprechaun couldn't get it back. 

I had a tiny "laughing bag" that I purchased at Spencer's Gifts many years ago.  I'd keep it in my pocket and would keep my distance from the children so they wouldn't realize the sound was coming from me.  I'd press the button and we'd hear the leprechaun laughing and laughing.  The children would race all over the house looking for him.  Robbie and Steven were sure that the leprechaun was trying to get his hat back!

Fun, fun, fun!  Happy memories for all of us. 

Here's the wreath I made this year.

I used 2 Accucut shamrock dies to cut the 2 largest shamrocks.  The small shamrock was cut from another die and the buttons are from Favorite Findings.  You'll notice that none of the papers are actually "St. Patrick's Day" papers.  I used a variety of papers from SEI that had some green on them along with an interesting pattern.

There are some rainbow patterned papers in SEI's Corrine collection.  So far I have used just one of those
patterns to create some cards. 

The chickie leprechaun and pot of gold were stamped with wooden stamps from Denami Design. 

Here are a couple of cards that I made yesterday.  The shamrock paper is from Reminisce.

Have a great day!

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