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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Denami Design Faces

Hi Everyone!

I am excited about something I just made.  Snow people from Hershey Nuggets and Twix Fun Size Bars!  I saw some snowmen that were made from Hershey Nuggets on Pinterest and decided I'd make some.  While I was looking through for something to use for the snowman's eyes, nose and mouth I suddenly had an idea.  I knew that I had a Denami Design face stamp in with my Halloween stamps.  A stamp that I have used many times to stamp a face on a Denami Design pumpkin.  So I dug through my Halloween stamps, found the stamp I wanted and stamped the image onto a piece of 1" x 3" tag.  I adhered the strip of tag to a Hershey Nugget, added a hat, and my snowman was done.

The hats are fingertips snipped from dollar gloves.  I prefer the smoother "hats" to the fluffy ones and plan to pick up a few pairs of the smooth gloves. 

Well, I liked the little snowman heads, but then I thought why not make a full size little snow person.  I decided that Twix fun size bars were exactly what I needed.

Isn't she adorable!  I think I am going to package them up in sets of three. 

Here's the link to the stamp I used for the faces, right here.  Here's the link to some other adorable faces.  You have lots of great choices!

Enjoy what's left of this evening!

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