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Monday, May 31, 2010

Origami Greeting Cards

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope you have had a nice weekend. I did some cleaning, had some fun with my friends, Toni and Susan, and will be having our second cookout for this weekend in about an hour.

Meanwhile, back in Papercrafting Land, I made a few cards this weekend. When I was at New England Book Fair the other day I purchased the book Origami Greeting Cards by Isamu Asahi. I have always been fascinated by origami and dabble in it from time to time. Some origami books just have pictures and symbols for each of the steps and I find them to be confusing. I like the book I purchased because it has pictures of each step along with symbols and text directions that explain the steps.

Origami paper is lightweight and comes in solid and metallic colors as well as in patterns. Sometimes I use lightweight wrapping paper in place of origami paper. I often practice folds with large pieces of copy paper until I fully understand the instructions.

If the instructions call for pieces of paper that are too small for you to comfortably handle, just increase the size of the paper and follow the directions. If you study my photographs you will notice that I have made the same flower in different sizes. Look at the flowerpots. First of all I hadn't made a flowerpot previously, but found it easy to make. I am excited about the paper I used for each of them. See the leaves on them. Doesn't it look as if the leaves are hanging in front of the flowerpots?

Okay, time to start the grill. Will be back tomorrow with other cards to show you.

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