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Monday, February 20, 2012

Cherry Themed Cards

Happy President's Day!

I attended the Patrick F. Lyndon Elementary School in West Roxbury, MA from kindergarten through sixth grade. The school had huge windows as many schools once did. Throughout the school year the students in each grade created the same seasonal or holiday decorations.  In February every student cut out a silhouette of Lincoln and Washington.  Some of the sixth grade students hung each of the silhouettes in the windows in a pattern of Washington, Lincoln, Washington, Lincoln... We were read and told stories of Lincoln growing up in a log cabin and Washington chopping down a cherry tree.

When I was growing up Lincoln’s birthday was celebrated on February 12th and Washington’s was celebrated on February 22nd. We had school on Lincoln’s birthday, but Washington’s fell during school vacation week.  In later years Washington’s birthday became President’s Day and in Massachusetts in addition to Washington we honored other Presidents who were born in Massachusetts.

As I grew older I learned that Washington may not have chopped down a cherry tree and that February is known as National Cherry Month. While Robbie and Marie were growing up I looked for any excuse to celebrate a holiday so we always had something “cherry” to eat on February 22nd. Okay, I confess I still look for any excuse to celebrate a holiday and we still often have something “cherry” to eat on February 22nd.

This year President’s Day falls on Monday, February 20th and in addition to eating something cherry we’re going to be creating cherry themed cards in my papercrafting classes.

I found some cherry patterned paper in my stash and bought some other sheets of it. I also found some clear cherry stamps in my stash along with cherry colored blank cards, buttons, ribbons, and rhinestones. I created some sample cards for my students and thought I’d share some of them with you.

Have a great night!

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