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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Happy Birthday, Annie!

Good Morning Everyone!

My dear friend Annie will be celebrating her 90th birthday on March 21.  I met Annie 37 years ago when I was a student teacher and we have been good friends ever since then.  Annie is an amazing woman.  She swims 3 or 4 days a week during the winter and pretty much every day during the summer.  She is very active in her church, travels, entertains, cooks, bakes, wallpapers, goes apple and blueberry picking, and loves life. 

She had dinner at our home a couple of weeks ago and told us that her goal is to live to be 100.  She said her father lived to be 94 and her mother lived to be 98 and she plans to live longer than both of them.  She said after she's 100 she'll take whatever years she gets! 

Annie has a collection of elephants.  I cannot remember her story of how that collection began, but I know there are elephants on her mantle and in other parts of her living room.  So I decided to make her a birthday card with an elephant theme and her gift is an assortment of greeting cards with elephants on them. 

Here's Annie's birthday card.

Have a great day!

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