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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Follow-up Post for Chickies Blog Hop

Hi Everyone!

This is a follow-up post to my post for the Denami Design's Cute Chickies Blog Hop.  I promised to share the list I created that shows some of the chickie stamps you could use for each month of the year.  Denami Design has created more than 65 chickie stamps.  Here's the list I created.

January Skiing Chickie, Skating Chickie, Sledding Chickies, Snow Chickies

February Heart Chickie, Valentine Chickie, Chickie with Heart Balloon

March Shamrock Chickie

April Hatching Chickie, Chickie with Umbrella, Open Umbrella Chickie, Easter Basket Chickies

May Chickie with Flower

June Chickie Graduate, Sailboat Chickie

July Patriotic Chickie

August Surfer Chickie, BBQ Chickie

September Teacher Chickie, Chickie School Bus

October Pumpkin Chickie, Trick or Treat Chickies, Pick a chickie wearing a costume,

November Pilgrim Chickies,

December Angel Chickie, Santa Chickie

Remember Denami Design has created a Chickie Checklist to help you keep track of the chickie stamps that you already own and the ones you'd like to own.



Pam Wendt said...

That's so helpful, Carol!
Thanks for sharing! :o)

Dana said...

This is incredible Carol! What a resource!!!