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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Valentine Gifts

Good Morning Everyone!

For the past week I was knocked out of commission by a cold that first hit Marie, then me, and now Robbie.  Happily I finished making valentines and valentine gifts more than a week ago and in a few hours my sisters on the west coast should receive their packages.  I'm planning to rearrange my stamps this morning so that my St. Patrick's Day, Spring and Easter ones are front and center, but before I do that I want to share photographs of some of the gifts I created for Valentine's Day. 

The idea for this decorated honey jar came from the January/February 2012 issue of Paper Crafts magazine.  I created the blue background and text on my computer and then stamped on flowers and a bee. 

I saw the idea for these decorated candles and coordinating box in Paper Crafts magazine's special issue, 350 Cards & Gifts 2011.  I purchased the exact stamps that were used on the box, but instead of decorating the candles with stamped images I used flowers that I punched from tissue paper.  I discovered that the stamped flowers burned slightly, but the paper punched ones slowly sank to the bottom while the candle was burning. 

The idea for this tea bag holder came from Teri Anderson's blog.   I paper punched the hearts and then paper pierced the white one to make it look lacy.  The bees are stickers.  I stuck 2 each of them back to back and used mini glue dots to adhere them to the hearts. 

At Christmas time I saw a variety of ideas for packages of white Tic Tacs being decorated as snowmen.  I plan to "run" with that idea and use it for other holidays. 

I made a few bookmarks for the readers in my family.

And some Post It holders to toss into a purse. 

And lots and lots of baggies filled with chocolate hugs and kisses. 

Have a great weekend!

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