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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Birthday Cards

Hi Everyone!

On Monday I wrote about using sketches to help plan a card. Today I looked at just one sketch and used it to create several cards. Simply by changing the embellishment on each card, I gave the card a different look. I used PiggyTales paper on all of the cards. The paper I used is two sided and what's nice is the the back coordinates with the front so I used the front for the top of each card and the back for the bottom of each card. I adhered some twill ribbon between the top and bottom papers.

The first 3 cards were created with "Haystack" paper from PiggyTale's Little Boy Blue collection. I don't think this paper is still available, but remember you can use any paper on your cards.

Hint: Attach the ribbon to your papers before you attach them to your blank card so that you don't see the ends of the ribbons.

The top section of each card measures 2" high by 5.25" wide. The botom section of each card has the same measurements, but the ribbon going across it covers about 1/2 inch of it.

These 3 cards were created with "Big Teeth" paper from PiggyTale's Little Red Riding Hood collection. This paper is still available from PiggyTales. Notice how the red twill ribbon pulls out the red in the stripes. I like the look of the red ribbon better than the look of the cream colored ribbon on the next card.

The flowers and chipboard embellishments are from my stash.

I am hoping that they quick-to-create cards showed you how easily you can change the way a card looks.

Talk to you soon.

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sucor said...

Always leave your blog inspired! I'm going to make up some of these and embellish and add the sentiment when needed. I won't be rushing to make a card from scratch when I need one unexpectedly.