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Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lawn Fawn Stamps

Hi Everyone!

On Thursday it was too humid to do much of anything so I sat at my computer and surfed the net. I landed on a web site I’d never seen before. Happily, it was a great place to land!

The name of the web site is Along with a great blog to read, there are some wonderful videos to watch. There are also many fun sets of clear stamps that can be purchased directly from the site. I purchased 2 sets on Thursday afternoon and they were shipped on Thursday night. They arrived in the mail this afternoon (Saturday) in a sturdy box along with a cute business card from Kelly Marie Alvarez who co-owns the company. The business card has a clear "thanks" stamp attached to it along with a handwritten thank you message from Kelly Marie. Nice, very, very nice. Due to the quality of the stamps, the quick shipping, and the nice "extra" touches I will definitely order from this company again. I have bookmarked the web site as a favorite so I can continue to follow the blog and watch the remaining videos that I haven’t watched yet.

Recently a friend of mine asked me to make some baby shower cards. While I was exploring the Lawn Fawn website I found the perfect set of stamps to make those cards for her. I used the umbrella stamp and text from the
"Partly Cloudy" set to create this shower card. After stamping, embossing, and fussy cutting the umbrellas I attached them to the background paper with some thin pop dots. I used a Martha Stewart bow paper punch to create the bows that you see on the umbrellas. I stamped "have a happy shower!" on a scrap of white tag and then cut the tag into a cloud shape. The rhinestone raindrops and tiny white pearls on the umbrellas are from my stash. The stamps from this set would work perfectly for bridal and baby shower cards. There are also other messages in the set that would work on encouragement cards.

The "you light up my life" card was created with stamps from the "How Delightful" Lawn Fawn clear stamps set. The text and the chandelier are from the set. I used a Scor-bug to make the holes for the chandelier’s chain. I used some thin gold cord to backstitch the chain and attached pearls for the chandelier’s lights. The valance across the top of the card was created with a Martha Stewart edger punch.

I hope you like today’s cards and I encourage you to check out the Lawn Fawn blog for some great new ideas!

Have a great night!


~kelly marie~ said...

You are just so sweet! Thank you so much for your kind words!

You cards are fabulous! I am in love! The shower one is brilliant! I love the sentiment in the cloud!

The chain you made on the chandelier is just too cute!

Make sure to check our fb and twitter pages! This is going up right now! :)

Carol Hartery said...

Thank YOU for your kind words Kelly Marie. I look forward to using more of your stamps on my cards. Best of luck with your business. Carol

Anonymous said...

Adorable cards! So fun!
I love how you made the raindrops! :)

Carol Hartery said...

Thank you Ayana. I LOVE creating cards. I hope you'll continue to follow this blog.