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Monday, August 23, 2010

Moravia from SEI

Hi Everyone!

This rainy Monday isn't going to get me down. The air feels so awesome today. It's actually a little chilly inside of my house. What a welcome change from the horrible humidity that has summered with us.

I recently purchased a book that I totally love. It is called Joy of Card Making, Collector's Edition from Paper Crafts magazine. There are photographs of more than 360 cards in the book along with pictures of the layouts used to create every card. Each layout was used at least 3 times and all of the layouts are shown again at the end of the book.

Sometimes I've seen card making layouts called "sketches" and other times I have seen them called "recipes", but they are both the same thing. You've seen blueprints for building a home. Well, a sketch is a blueprint for creating a card.

The sketch for this card showed 4 rectangles that were the same size arranged the way you see them on my card and the sentiment was in the lower right hand corner. I chose the paper and the sentiment, but I used the sketch to help my plan my card.

You can find card making sketches on the Internet, in a special issue from Paper Crafts magazine called "Go to Sketches", in the book Joy of Card Making, and in other magazines and books. You can use the same sketch over and over again and simply by changing even just the paper that you use, each card will be different.

I've had the Moravia 12" x 12" paper stack from SEI for a long time. I have created a variety of gift bags and quilted note cards with it. I recently purchased the brads, ribbon, alphabet stickers, stamp, rub-ons and stickers that coordinate with that paper. This past weekend I played around with the paper and embellishments. The "blank card" I used for each of these cards is an A2 card that I created with Moravian paper. I cut the paper so that it measured 5.5" x 8.5". I used my Scor-Buddy and scored and folded the 8.5" side at 4.25". Every paper you see layered onto the cards is from that same paper stack.

"Best Wishes" was stamped with a stamp from the Moravia collection. The brads are also from the Moravia collection.

I haven't decided what sentiment to use on this card. The brads and ribbon are from the Moravia collection.

I used one of my circle Nestabilities to create the circles on this card. You could also use a paper punch. "Happiness" is a rub-on from the Moravia collection.

Have a great day!


Cindy said...

I love that turquoise paper! I knew I had a question for you the other day when we talked, but I couldn't think of it. (imagine that! :D) But reading your blog reminded me .... if I'm using a die with my Cuttlebug, should the die be cutting into those clear plastic things? It did the one and only time I tried it and I don't like that! It seems like it's messed up now. (in appearance)

Carol Hartery said...

Hi Cindy!
Your phone call was an awesome surprise! It was great to hear that Southern drawl and Chris's too.
The clear pieces of plastic that come with the Cuttlebug and Sizzix are cutting mats and yes, they will get all scratched up as you use them. That is because they are getting the pressure when the die is pushed through the roller. From time to time you will have to replace them. You will know when it's time because your cuts won't be as clean, but you will cut hundreds of times before that happens. The plastic will also get a little bent and warped, but it will still work. By turning the plastic as you use it, it will last a little longer, but don't sweat it as I know I don't rotate mine very often and I use them a lot. Sometimes it sounds or feels like the plastic is going to crack, but it doesn't. So use your Cuttlebug! Make some mini books for Dakota! TTYS. Carol

sucor said...

Lovely cards and that paper is beautiful. I have used the layouts of a few of your cards as sketches! Thanks for inspiring!