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Sunday, August 29, 2010

More Word Cards

Hi Everyone!

I feel as if I have been playing Scrabble, Upwords, or maybe even Jumble. I have been sitting here playing with some leftover red epoxy alphabet stickers and attempting to transform them into words. I like playing word games and was up for the challenge. I was able to make "happy" and that wiped out the "p's" and "merry" wiped out the "r's." I also made "wish", "fun", and "xmas".
Here are photographs of the cards I created today.

Have a great night!


Peggy Burns said...

Love the Christmas ones. I want them. Can't wait till Thursday.

sucor said...

Love these! Great way to use up our leftovers too.

rahul said...

Great......Been reading your excellent blog for quite a few weeks now, and i am enjoying many of your excellent topics.