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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Word Cards

Hi Everyone!

I have seen variations of the first card I am going to share with you today in some of my books and magazines. While I was organizing my alphabet stickers last night I came across a couple of packages of Heidi Grace Punchboard Alphas that I purchased eons ago and haven't used and decided it was time to use them. The letters are fairly large so I decided they should be the focal point of the card. Happily the quantity of each letter is listed on the back of the package. In addition to the alphabet there are numbers and punctuation marks included in the package.

Today's first card is 4.5" x 6.25" which is still a standard size, but is a little larger than the cards I create most of the time. I cut a piece of 12" x 12" lime green tag into a 9" x 6.25" piece and scored and flolded the 9" side at 4.5". This size could accommodate 4 of the letters from the package when I arranged them whimsically.

There's a story with the first card. Toni will say there's always a story. I could have gone to bed without making a card. I should have gone to bed with out making a card. But I didn't want to go to bed. I wanted to make just one more card....
The letters are adhesive. I started out by adhering 3 letters and a candle sticker to scraps of paper from the K and Company Citronella 12" x 12" paper stack. I mounted them on a 4.25" x 6" piece of paper that was from the same paper stack and attached the paper to my card. Looked at it and was major disappointed. I peeled the candle sticker off the card, cut off the flame so I could use it and made a candle that coordinated with the background paper on the card. I put glossy accents on my candle to make it look "waxy". I studied the card and still didn't like it at all. The letters were lost on the card and I wanted them to be the focal point of the card.

So I very slowly and very carefully peeled the green paper that the letters were mounted on off the card. I forgot that the glossy accents were still wet. I touched that piece of paper, was startled that it was "wet" and sort of jumped back and my sticky wet finger landed on the upper left hand corner of the card. Tried to peel the paper with the "w" on it and ended up bending the "w" which cracked it and exposed the white core of the paper. So now I had a mess in front of me.

I threw away the "w". I also threw out the candle because you could see my fingerpring on the glossy accents. Happily I had a second "w" because I had 2 packages of the letters. I mounted that "w" on another scrap. Then I layered each of the scraps on some blue tag. That instantly made me happy because that simple act made the letters pop out. I made a new candle, but didn't apply the glossy accents yet. I attached the mounted letters to the card and much happier with the look of it. But, there was a small sticky glob in the left hand corner of the card. So I took out my birthday embellishments and covered the "glob" with a balloon. One balloon looked good but I wondered if 2 would look better. Yes. Then I added a party hat and a gift, and then another gift. I liked my card. A lot! Added glossy accents to the candle and went to bed!

Got up this morning and of course my glossy accents had dried. I am so happy with the card. Last night I made 2 mistakes. I shouldn't have made a card as late as I did. More importantly I should have laid out the card before I glued everything down. Today I laid out 3 more cards.

"It's a boy" is backed on some Debbie Mumm baby boy paper. The embellishments are also from Debbie Mumm and coordinate with the paper.

"Hello" is backed on paper from dcwv's Songbird 12" x 12" paper stack. The silk flowers and brads I used are from my stash.

Happily I planned this last card before I did any cutting and gluing. I wanted to spell out the word "happy". I created a card that fits in a business size envelope. I cut a piece of tag so that it measured 9" x 7.5". I scored and folded the 7.5" side at 3.75". Then I cut a layering paper so that it measured 8.75" x 3.50. I used embellishments from my birthday drawer to decorate the card and small Mrs. Grossman stickers to spell out "birthday".
Have a great night!


Peggy Burns said...

Do you ever sleep? Are your dreams always about cards/

0s0-Pa said...

That's impressive if you can usually remember your dreams! Whenever I have a dream I know that is good, or the same one as I've had before, I can never remember it when I wake up :/
-Jackie @ Alphabet Stickers