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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Sister's Day and Friendship Day

Hi Everyone!

According to August 7th (which is tomorrow) is Sister's Day and Friendship Day.  So today I worked on some cards for both of those occasions. 

Denami Design's "Best Friends Chickie" stamp
This first card is for my sister Jeanne.  When we were younger I called myself Mrs. Tears and Jeanne was Mrs. Susan.  We named ourselves after our favorite dolls.  My favorite doll was Tiny Tears and Jeanne's was a baby doll that Santa had given to her.  We played dolls together for many years. 

Jeanne has been and always will be there for me, Robbie and Marie.  When Robbie was an undergraduate she turned her guest room into a bedroom for him to help shorten his commute to and from school.  Now that Marie is in graduate school Jeanne has turned the guest room in her new home into a bedroom for Marie to help shorten her commute to and from school.  Thank you Jeanne from the 3 of us.

I've also made cards for some friends I will be getting together with on Monday.  Hopefully I will have time to make additional cards for other friends I'll be seeing later in the week.

Denami Design's "Best Friends Chickie" stamp
"Hello Friend" stamp from Lawn Fawn's Hello Friend clear stamp set

This card is for Kathy.  Kathy is as devoted to her grandchildren as my Nana Riley was to her grandchildren.  Her face lights up whenever she talks about them.

Denami Design's "Girl Chickie" and "Hey Chickie" stamps
Text from PaperTrey Ink's "Blooming Buttons" clear stamp set
Angela creates the most beautiful purses.  I used some papers from the Cotton Bloom stack for the layering paper and used the Girl chickie stamp because she is carrying a purse. 
Denami Design's "Girl Chickie" stamp
Text from Sweet and Sassy stamps
Amy always greets me with a warm smile and the words, "Hi girlfriend".  She always has some new cute purse to show me.  Yesterday she showed me her newest Vera Bradley bag with a cool wristlet inside of it.

Denami Design's "Chicke with a Flower" stamp
Text stamp from Lawn Fawn's Hello Friend clear stamp set

Martha radiates everything that is good and positive in life.  She NEVER complains about anything and is always amazingly upbeat.  She's the kind of person who makes you feel good even on the dreariest of days.

Denami Design's "Chickie with a Heart Balloon" stamp
Text stamp from Lawn Fawn's Hello friend clear stamp set
Peggy is one of the kindest and most thoughtful people I have ever known.  Her eyes are always twinkling and her grin goes from ear to ear.  

If you read the comments directly under each photograph you'll notice that many of the stamps I used today are from Denami Design and Lawn Fawn. On Thursday and Friday those companies shared a blog hop to show how well their stamps work together.  You can still see the cards on that blog hop and now you have read this blog you've seen even more ways showing how their stamps work together.

If you have a sister maybe you can do something special together tomorrow.   Tomorrow would also be a good day to give a few friends that you haven't seen for a while a call.  I already know which friends I will be calling.  Guess I better plan to get all of my work done today!

Have a great day!

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...:::Paulina:::... said...

These are all super cute, Carol! You did a FABULOUS job creating your own Lawn Fawn & DeNami cards! Thanks so much for sharing them with us!