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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Last Minute Easter Basket

Hi Everyone!

I am guessing that if you are in need of a last minute Easter basket you probably aren't reading my blog the day before Easter, but then again maybe you googled "last minute Easter basket" and my blog came up.  If you don't need an Easter basket you might still use this idea.

We're going to a friend's house for Easter dinner.  In addition to the salad that I will make tomorrow morning, I want to bring something for each place setting.  I have templates for all sorts of bags and baskets, but they all take a while to create so I wanted something that I could put together quickly.

I used the scalloped blade on my paper trimmer to cut tag weight paper so that it measured 8.25" x 8.25".  If you don't have a scalloped blade just use the straight one and the basket will still look fine. 

I scored at 2.75" and 5.5" along one side, turned the paper 90 degrees, and scored again at 2.75" and 5.5".  I used my bone folder to crease the folds I had made.  After you crease the folds you will see 9 little squares on your paper. 

Cut along the 2 creases you see at the top of your paper and the 2 creases you see at the bottom of the paper until you reach the intersecting lines. 

Pull 2 of the side pieces together until they make a little point. 

Then pull the square that is between them up and staple the 3 pieces together. 

Do the same thing to the opposite side. 

Add a handle and you're done.

You can add decorations to the side panels or just keep that basket at it is.  Fill it with Easter grass and Easter treats. 

Have a Happy Easter!

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