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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Red, White and Blue

Good Morning Everyone,

In last night's post I told you I would share some baby cards with you today, but all of that changed when I opened today's e-mails. I saw a post from Scrapbooks & Cards that inspired me to immediately create a 4th of July card. Funny thing is I have never made a 4th of July card. Never even considered making one. Never received one either for that matter. I don't ever remember seeing any Hallmark 4th of July cards either, but I suppose there are some and I just wasn't looking for them.

But now I have made one! Now I plan to make others too. Won't people be surprised to receive a 4th of July card from me along with maybe some cupcakes or cookies!

I have actually done the folding technique that was presented in today's Scrapbook & Cards post. I used to make sea stars with my kindergarten students and I folded them that way to add dimension to our bulletin boards.

I do not own a Cricut, but I do have 2 different Sizzix star dies. One die has one large star on it. The other has 3 sizes on it, but one of the stars is very tiny so I am not planning to fold the cutout from that die.

I just happened to have one 12'" x12" sheet of patriotic paper in my collection that I cut into six 3.75" x 5" pieces. Each piece will be mounted on an A2 card. After I trimmed the patriotic paper I put it inside a star embossing folder and ran it through my Cuttlebug.

I used the Sizzix die that has multiple stars on it to cut my stars. I put the white star in a dotted embossing folder and ran it through the Cuttlebug before I folded it.

I attached the stars to the card by putting one large pop dot in the center of the large star and one small pop dot in the center of each of the smaller stars. I deliberately flattened the stars a little by pressing down on them with my hand. That's so they will fit in an envelope more easily.
The 3-d effect is still there.

If you do not have a star die cut just look for some star clip art and cut the stars out by hand. Or trace around a star cookie cutter if you happen to have one in your collection. Don't feel the need to rush out and buy some patriotic paper. Look in your scrapbox and I am sure you will find some red, white, and blue scraps that you can use!

Now I must turn off my computer and head back to Staples AGAIN. I have been told that today they will fix the problem. Cross your fingers. Talk to you soon.


Kimber McGray said...

Carol this turned out AWESOME!

Carol Hartery said...

Thanks Kimber!
As I said on your blog, I LOVED your card and HAD to make some of my own!

Peggy Burns said...

I don't send them either, but if you bring some on the 15th, I'll buy some and add it to my list of holidays for the nieces and nephews. They look great. Hope you got good news from Staples.