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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Gift Card Holders

Hi Everyone!

Just 9 more days until Christmas! I have some of our cookies baked, some of the decorations up, some of my cards written, and most of my shopping done. I write notes inside of most of my cards so it takes forever to get them done.

My sister Pam LOVED the 50 cards that I made for her. There were just a few duplicates and I was proud of each card that I sent her. I made boxes for them too.

Speaking of boxes...Marie has always loved surprises. If you knew her that might surprise you because she has always been this whirl of energy who gets into everything. So for years I made sure that all of her gifts were in boxes and wrapped tightly. One year I put her gifts in cereal, cookie, and CheezIts boxes just to throw her off. Her reaction was so funny that since then I always wrap a few gifts in recycled boxes.

As my kids have gotten older I have started to give them more gift cards as gifts so that they can pick out what they like/want/need. I use Timeless Templates from PaperTreyInk to create some of the gift card holders that I make for the gift cards.

This "Target" gift bag was made with the small Around Town tote. This "Dunkin' Donuts" gift box was made with a Rounded Wrap Up template.

This "Papa Gino's" pizza box was made with instructions I found on the Scor-Pal web site. I searched google images for each logo and copied and pasted them onto their box or bag. Since the gift card holders are wrapped inside of recycled boxes which are also wrapped no one knows exactly what they are getting until they have unwrapped the entire gift.

This morning I took pictures of more Christmas cards so please stop by tomorrow to see what I made.

Have a great day!

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NorthShoreColdwellBanker said...

Love the Target Bag!~ Bukki