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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Mini Tote for Ghirardelli Chocolate Bunnies

Good Morning,

One of the crafters I follow on the Internet is The Paper Pixie.  She shares a variety of great ideas for cards and other paper crafting projects.  Last year she showed us how to make a mini tote that holds 2 Hershey's Mini Chocolate Bunnies.  I made some of them for my friends and family.  Here is the link for her video tutorial for making those totes. 

I purchased my Easter candy many weeks ago and bought Ghirardelli Mini Bunnies.  When I went to create mini totes for them last night, I discovered that the packaging for those bunnies is slightly taller than the packaging for the Hershey bunnies.  So I played around and came up with measurements for a mini tote that will hold 2 Ghirardelli Mini Bunnies. 

If you watch the Paper Pixie's video and study her template for the tote you will learn how to create a tote for 2 Hershey's mini bunnies.  You may even want to make one of them just so you see how it looks.  Once you understand how to make them you can follow her directions, but use my measurements to create a tote for 2 Ghirardelli mini bunnies. 

Here are my adjustments.
Cut paper to 2.25” x 10.5”
Score along the 2.25” side at ½” and 1.75”.
Score along the 8.5” side at 1.25”, 1.75”, 5.25”, 8.75”, and 9.25”.
Score along both sides of the 8.5” side at 3” down to the horizontal score line.

Hope these adjustments help those of you who have Ghirardelli mini bunnies instead of Hershey mini bunnies. 

Take care.

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