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Friday, April 2, 2010

Birthday cards

Hi Everyone!
I can see the SUN(!!!) setting as I look out my dining room window. What a gorgeous day it was. Marie and I spent a good part of the day hauling things out of our family room so that the floors which were flooded not once, but twice in a two week time period could be scrubbed. We still have to do the main part of the cellar and the workroom. The cellar will be a monumental task as it is filled with all sorts of who knows what.

As promised I have some other birthday cards to show you today. First up is one of the cards I mentioned last night. It was created with Martha Stewart’s ice cream cone, balloon, sunburst, cupcake, bow, and party hat paper punches. I own and love many of Martha Stewart’s paper punches and edger punches, but take caution...not all of her punches are created equal. The ones that are just one piece like the balloon and bow for example always give a clean cut. However, I have had some troubles with the ones that have more than one piece because the metal images do not always line up properly and then the punchout may not be a clean one and sometimes won’t punch at all. When that has happened I have taken the punch back to the store and exchanged it for another one. I have finally learned to ask to test the punch while I am still in the store. They are CUTE and FUN so I continue to add them to my collection.

When I took these next photographs I probably should have used a flash, but didn’t. One day when I was "being good" which translates to using the materials I had on hand instead of shopping for more things, I created a series of cards using a flourish stamp and some flowers. Click on the images and you can see that I used my ScorPal to create the backgrounds on the cards. I know that 2 of these cards aren’t birthday cards, but I figure you won’t mind seeing other cards. I have a couple of flourish stamps and sometimes I use them as stems on flowers and sometimes I use them as balloon strings and sometimes I use them as a flourish!

Now this is the last birthday card that I will be showing you for a while and there’s a story behind it. One day I was looking through some of the 12" x 12" blocks of paper that I have in my collection and I found some papers that I truly loved. I decided to cut some of the paper up into 3.75" x 5" pieces and mount them onto A2 cards. A2 cards are 4.25" x 5.5" so that means I left a 1/4" border around the paper. Then I just tied some twine through some buttons, put glue dots on the back of the buttons, and added the buttons to the centers of some flowers and I had what I think are some very nice cards that took very little effort to create. For tonight I am just posting the birthday card, but tomorrow I will post the other cards and the cardholder I created for them.

Okay, I would like to get some discussions going here so here’s a question for you, "How do you organize your papercrafting ribbon?" I will post everyone’s response so that we can get a variety of ideas on ways to organize ribbon.
Talk to you tomorrow.


jcappetta said...

Never thought to use my flourish stamp as stem/leaves. Very clever - but then again I would expect no less! Can't wait for more tips. Also, what Papertrey sets to do already have/like? I went on their website and saw their flower die sets being used to cut felt flowers. Unfortunately they are all out. Will the Sizzix dies cut through felt?

Carol Hartery said...

Hi Janet!
Most of the Sizzix dies will cut anything that you can cut with a pair of scissors. I have used them to cut paper, tag, felt, and fun foam. The Sizzlets dies though only cut paper.