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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

PaperTrey Ink Day 2

Hi Everyone!

I thought I’d spend one more day talking about products from
PaperTrey Ink. I think that "Click Simple" downloads were introduced in January of this year. I have purchased "Rock-A-Bye Baby" and
"Spring Fling", but so far I have only used one download from "Rock-A-Bye Baby". The reaction people have had to this "Onesie" card download was that they LOVED it. One suggestion is that if you use the download instead of cutting out the neck hole with a pair of scissors, use a circle paper punch to create it.

Yesterday I showed you "All Boxed Up" from "My Timeless Templates". I have a few pictures of some of the other templates I have used.
First a story. When my sister, Jeanne, and I were young we loved to play with Barbie dolls. Our mother wouldn’t buy us a Barbie dream house so we made our own using recycled materials. When I saw the template for "Bun in the Oven" I knew that I HAD to make it for Jeanne for Christmas because it totally reminded me of the stoves we had made for our dolls. I used buttons for the burners and couldn’t believe that when I looked in my button collection I had the PERFECT buttons for the dials on the stove. Study the picture and you will see what I mean. I made a tiny box and put it in the oven with a gift certificate in it. I attached the oven handles to the door with tiny black brads to that the door could be pulled open easily. We played with the oven door a little too much before I took the photograph so the edges of the door are a little roughed up, but you can still see how adorable the stove really is. Isn’t it a perfect gift card holder for Mother’s Day?

I love "Milk Made" too. I have made several sets of the cartons and given them away filled with tea bags and an assortment of candies. They are adorable as a set of 2 or a set of 4. Again I think they make adorable packaging for a Mother’s Day gift.

My good friend, Toni, has told me more than once that the "All Around Tote" is her favorite "My Timeless Template". The tote comes in 2 sizes. You can easily fit a set of four A2 cards in the larger tote. A gift card fits in the small tote. I gave Jeanne a gift card in the small tote for Christmas along with her stove. It worked perfectly with the Barbie theme that I had chosen for her gifts this year.

I don’t have any photographs for the "Rounded Wrap Up" that I created, but I can tell you that the box holds 2 votive candles and a small box of matches perfectly.
Template #1 from "Cash or Carry" makes the most adorable gift card holder you have ever seen.
Put a monogram on "Desk Top Organizer" and you’ll have a personal gift that looks store bought, but is much nicer because you made it.

Oh, I just thought of some other tips I wanted to share with you. When I use any of the "My Timeless Templates" I always use double sided decorative tag for my projects. I use ScorPal tape to adhere the pieces together.

Okay, that’s it for tonight! Will be back tomorrow with other ideas to share with you.


Riley's mom said...

I am Carol's sister, Jeanne (and "mother" of the dog, Riley, mentioned in an earlier posting). Carol's cards are even more amazing in real life. The adorable stove that she mentions in this posting is sitting on top of my recipe card box in my kitchen. For the record, she does sleep but I think that she dreams about crafts. :-)

ahobbs said...

OMG!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE the stove and the onsie card. Too CUTE!!!!