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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Papercrafting Organization Day One

Hi Everyone!
I papercraft in my dining room. I mostly work at an old table that was discarded from one of my classrooms many years ago. I believe that the adage, "Out of sight, out of mind" rings true, so I like to keep my papercrafting supplies visible and organized so that I remember what I have. Stop laughing, Jeanne (and Peggy, Jan, Toni, Pattye, Gayle....) my papercrafting supplies ARE organized. It’s the rest of my stuff that needs a little help.

Most of my paper punches are stored in 2 clear shoe organizers that are hung on either side of my kitchen door. Yes, I said my kitchen door. There isn’t any other place to hang them that is close to my work space. They are visible and they are organized. Like I said that’s how I like my supplies to be.

My other punches are stored in a planter that I bought on clearance at JoAnn’s years ago. Look at the picture of it. It doesn’t take up a huge footprint, but does store the punches quite nicely and there’s even room for more of them! JoAnn’s gets those planters in every year so if you like what you are seeing you should be able to find one.

Yesterday while I was walking around HomeGoods I spotted a teak flatware organizer in the clearance section for only $5. It has 7 sections so it is slightly larger than the average flatware organizer. I knew instantly that it was deep enough to hold some of my stamps. Well, it turns out as you can see that it holds LOTS of my stamps. I am hoping that my sister, Jeanne, will be able to figure out a way to hang it on my wall. Hi, Jeanne! Are you reading this?

I am also hoping that Jeanne will be able to turn this shadow box that is holding other stamps in the landscape direction so I can arrange my stamps in a different way. Only stamps for the current "season" and everyday stamps are displayed. Right now I do not have room for other seasonal ones so they are stored in some plastic drawers. If my plan works and I can find a few more flatware organizers I am going to arrange all of them on the dining room wall with Jeanne’s help, of course, and then I can display all of my stamps. Visible and organized.

My buttons, LOVE my buttons, are sorted by color and are stored in glass canning jars. All of those years of being an early childhood educator paid off. I am great at sorting!!! I know that there are plastic jars sold for papercrafting supplies, but I prefer the look and feel of glass.

My paintbrushes, scissors, rulers, colored pencils, crimpers, paper piercing tools, and corner rounder punches are stored in a variety of ceramic vases and pots that were meant for plants. My thumb is only green after I have been stamping with a green ink pad so I found another use for all of those containers. They are fun and they are functional.

I have other organization ideas to share with you so please stop by tomorrow!


Riley's mom said...

Hi Carol,

Yes, I just read your blog. :-) Remember, years ago, when you first bought your house--every time I came to visit, I used to bring my tote bag containing my hammer, level and other misc. tools? Looks like I better start packing my tote bag. LOL. Jeanne

Carol Hartery said...

Hi Jeanne!
Yes, I do remember when you always walked in with your tools. I will cook your dinner in exchange for your labor. See you soon. Carol

Pattye said...

Carol, I have that same planter from Joanne's fabric. I loved the color and style but never thought of using it in my craft room. I am envious of your button collection. How do you store the bits of ribbon I have stuffed in a jar getting all wrinkled?

Toni said...

I get goosebumps just with the organization tips!! We OCD people enjoy the tips and photos!! I have to say Carol from learning scrapbooking and centers with you, I now go to stores and see items in a whole new light.
Keep the organization ideas coming!

gayle said...

I love everything Carol designs

Peggy Burns said...

Oh how I love to organize, I think that's why we get along so well. Will keep an eye out and I see stuff you can use, will pick it up. Love your blogs.