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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Mushroom Cards

Hi Everyone!

This week is really racing by, isn't it!

So what did I make today? Mushroom cards! Or should I say, "Cards with a mushroom on them." I was scrolling through the images of the paper piecing cards on the Scrapbooks, ETC. site when I saw a mushroom card and decided to make one, then two and then a third.

Basically all 3 cards are the same other than I played around with different scraps of paper to create them. I plan to make a 4th one and then a coordinating box or bag for them. I’ll give the set to one of the "mothers" in my life.
Yes, I said "mothers". After my mother passed away Annie Fay-Holt, Alice Baylies, Marie Johnson, Jan Jeffrey, and one of my grandmothers, Nana Kay, quickly stepped in to "mother" me. Alice, Marie, and Nana Kay have also passed away, but Jan Jeffrey and Annie still play a very special role in my life. Either one of those special ladies will love the mushroom cards. They both make us feel so good. They "ooh" and "aah" over the paper crafts I create and the cookies and breads that Rob and I bake for them.

You will notice that today I remembered to use my corner rounder punch and one of my Cuttlebug embossing folders too. The embossing folder I used is called "Tiny Bubbles". I thought that the tiny raised circles on it tie in nicely with the circles on each of the mushrooms. I put 3D dots behind the mushrooms and the grass to add dimension to the cards.

I may take off one of the "hi"s and substitute some other word or perhaps I will make another set of cards and then I will have a "hi" card for each set. Hmm, I like that idea. It will be fun to turn other scraps of paper into mushrooms.

Fun. Life should be fun. It’s fun to create cards and fun to share them with others. It’s fun to blog about them and fun to read about your reactions to them.

Today I finally made little labels for the backs of my cards. They have the logo that my awesome friend Susan created for me and my e-mail address. I printed them on small clear labels.

Okay, I have miles to go before I sleep. I have a workshop tomorrow afternoon that I need to finish prepping. Have a great night.

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Peggy Burns said...

Very cute. I love the different colors. Can be used for birthdays, just to say hi, and so on. Glad you are putting your name on them.