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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Birthday Cards for Rob

Good Morning!

I think we're finally going to see some sunshine today.  The sun is fighting its way through the clouds. 

We live in the suburbs of Boston where squirrels, chipmunks, rabbits and a variety of songbirds have always shared our backyard.  I've been told of coyote and deer sightings, but have never seen either of them. Recently turkey sightings have become as common as squirrels and chipmunks.   Rob just told me that he saw a fox crossing the road the other day.

Earlier this spring Rob and I would race outside each time one of us spotted a turkey. Our neighbor Jan would call us on the phone whenever she saw one in our side yard. We'd join her and Bob and watched adult male and female turkeys roam from one yard to the next. About a month ago 4 poults joined the adults in their early morning and early evening strolls.

Every morning....EVERY MORNING...EVERY MORNING one of the male turkeys struts back and forth in front of our house gobbling over and over again. He puffs himself up and spreads his tail feathers wide to let his female friends know he's awake.  He starts to gobble shortly before 4:30 AM and doesn't stop until he has successfully woken every human, dog, squirrel, and crow in the neighborhood.  Then he strolls off into our woods to take a nap. A few hours later some of the females appear. Mother turkey and her 4 poults come on their own. She purrs softly to her children if we try to get close to them and hurries them along.

Although I find the early morning antics of the male turkey annoying, the novelty of seeing these creatures hasn't worn off. It's amazing to see large adult turkeys fly from the ground onto the railing of our front and back decks. Rob and I have seen them fly up into the trees to sleep there for the night.  One day I sat at my worktable and from my window watched a male turkey carefully preen every one of his tail feathers. Mother turkey often rolls in the soil on the side of our house and each of her poults mimics her actions. 

Robbie continues to race outside each time he spots a turkey and I usually join him. Our fascination with turkeys was the inspiration for some of the birthday cards I created for Rob this year. I don't give him more than one card. I create the cards that Jeanne, Marie, and I give him and if (when) I get carried away with my creations I bring the extras to craft fairs, etc.

I just had to make another accordion card. I think they look so "rich" and they remind me of the incredible cards that are displayed near the check out area in Barnes and Noble.

I pulled out 3 of my turkey stamps, inked them up and stamped them, colored the images with markers and fussy cut each image. I used a craft knife to cut a slit in each of the larger turkeys mouths and slipped a party noisemaker sticker into the openings. I layered 2 identical noisemakers with a piece of foam tape between them to add dimension to them. The party hat on the largest turkey is covering a "Pilgrim's hat". I cut off the Pilgrim hat on the middle size turkey and replaced it with a party hat. I masked the word "ham" that was on the middle size turkey stamp and replaced it with "pizza" which is one of Rob's favorite foods.  The gifts and balloons are from my sticker stash. 

I used a 4th turkey stamp for the images on this second card. I added tiny googly eyes to the birds and musical brads near the text before I adhered the layering paper to the card. The picket fence was created with a Martha Stewart punch.

I've now created at least 4 cards that can be used for Rob's birthday.

In our family Jeanne's birthday comes up next. She's turning 55 this year so I must think of an extra special card to create for her. Any suggestions?
Enjoy your day!

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Shirley said...

Absolutely beautiful card and you story about the turkeys is just wonderful!!! It sounds beautiful where you live and fun too! TFS