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Friday, June 3, 2011

Congratulations Stephanie

Happy Friday Everyone!

My sisters and many of my friends like to send personalized cards. Happily when they want one they call on me to create it for them. My friend Kathy asked me to create a card for a dear girl in her life who is graduating from high school.

I called the school and learned that the girls in the graduating class will be wearing white caps and gowns. The tassels on their caps will be red and white. To create the cap I used a template that I have told you about before and used over and over again. It's a template for a petal card and is one of the many templates that is included with the book Handmade Cards from Klutz Press. I use the largest petal template when I am using the cap as the card and the smallest petal template when I am putting a cap on a card.

In the past I have purchased black and gold tassels to use on my cards. After I use up my tassel stash I won't be buying them again because now I know how to make them. I needed a red and white tassel and made my own. I found excellent instructions on this site:
By slightly adapting the instructions you'll be able to make any size or length tassel in the colors that you want. I can see these tassels being used as pom poms on a card for a cheerleader.

I typed the text message on my computer. I printed some graduation cap clip art, added a tiny red brad to each cap, and fussy cut them before I added them to the card with foam tape. You could of course use a graduation cap stamp too.

Congratulations Stephanie!
Have a great day everyone!

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Shirley said...

What a really clever Grad card and what a special keeper!