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Thursday, June 23, 2011

Card for Rob

Hi Everyone!

Rob's birthday is approaching so I have been in birthday card making mode. For most of his life Rob saved every card he received. One day he gave me a backpack full of cards so that I could use them in a workshop. Later he regretted that decision and once again started saving his cards. It wasn't until sometime this year that I learned that Marie has also saved most of the cards that she has received. Now I make sure to write the date and an extra special message inside all of the cards I give them.

Rob's a quiet guy. When he's home he mostly hangs out in his room. He reads, goes on his computer, watches TV, and writes in a journal. When I ask what he's doing he usually responds, "Just chillin'". So a while back when I saw a "just chillin'" wooden rubber stamp from Purrs and Pants I knew I had to add it to my collection. I used it when I created this card. The popsicles are brads from Eyelet Outlet.

I have a great (and constantly expanding) collection of brads. I used to store them in silicone muffin wrappers on a cupcake stand that can hold 12 cupcakes. As my brad collection grew I continued to store them in the muffin wrappers, but moved them to cupcake stand that holds 24 cupcakes. That stand was taking up too much space on my worktable so I moved the muffin wrappers into some of the plastic drawers that are next to me. When I am working I just pick up the muffin wrapper of brads that I want to use and place it next to me.

I keep my bird and musical note brads in the same muffin wrapper because "birds sing". I keep party hat, cupcake, and ice cream cone brads in the same muffin wrapper because they are all part of a birthday theme. I think you get the picture.

I have more cards underway for Rob so check back soon to see if I have posted them.

Have a great day! 
Hope some sunshine comes your way!

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