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Monday, June 27, 2011

Cherry Pie

Good Morning Everyone!

Instead of sharing a card with you this morning I want to share a recipe.  First a little background information.  From the time he could first stand Rob has been at my side in the kitchen.  We have a double sink in our kitchen.  I'd fill one of the sinks with water and Rob would stand on a step stool and scrub mainly potatoes and carrots while I was cooking dinner.  I tell people that story over and over again and mention that we always had the cleanest vegetables in town because when dinner was ready I'd put those vegetables away and would often give the same ones back to Rob the next day.

I enjoy cooking and baking, but I am not a pie maker.  Or let's just say that my pie crusts come from a box.  For as long as I can remember Rob wanted to learn how to make pies from scratch.  One Sunday our friend Herb's mother, Louisa, taught Rob how to make a pie crust.  Rob regretted that he didn't write the recipe down because Louisa passed away a short time later, but happily he did remember the techniques that she taught him. 

Louisa would be so proud of Rob.  His pies are as beautiful and tasty as hers used to be. 
That's a cherry pie in the photograph.  If you are planning to make a dessert for a 4th of July celebration or just as a treat for your family try this recipe.  The recipe is posted on and this is the link for it.
Everyone who has tasted this pie says it's the best cherry pie they've ever had. 

Rob makes his pie crust from scratch.  He uses a recipe from the Wilson's Farm Cookbook, but you can just use your favorite pie crust recipe if you don't happen to own that book. 

Here's a photograph of Rob holding the pie he baked last night.

Jeanne and I both have today off so we're going on an outing. 
Have a great day!

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Shirley said...

What a really precious story and what a wonderful son! You are blessed! TFS, Carol!