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Saturday, June 22, 2013

Happy 70th Birthday

Hi Everyone!

Today I attended a 70th birthday party for my dear friend Sandy.  Sandy's real birthday was on June 13, but the party was today.  It was a wonderful party.  The food was fantastic and we hung out with a lot of fun people.  I knew some of them, but hadn't seen them in years.  Sandy's grandchildren and some other children entertained us as they splashed in the pool. 

When I first started to create cards many years ago Sandy cheered me on and encouraged me to keep making them.  She always took the time to look at the ones I had made whenever she was visiting me.  She often bought some of them to give to her grandchildren. 

I decided to make Sandy 70 cards in honor of her 70th birthday.  I've shown you some of those cards in recent posts, but now I can show you others.  At least 35 of them were mini cards that I didn't photograph, but happily I have many others to show you. 

Here are 2 of the get well cards I made her.

I'll be back tomorrow with more cards to show you.
Have a great night! Go Bruins!

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