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Monday, April 12, 2010

Haven't Forgotten You

Hi Everyone!
Just stopping by to tell you that I haven't forgotten about writing my blog. I am guessing that I have mentioned the 9" of water that flooded our basement not just once, but 2 weeks in a row. Emptying out the family room side was relatively easy because it is mainly used to store our outdoor furniture. Our "cellar" side, however, was a totally different story.
For the past 3 or 4 days we have been emptying out tons of "stuff" that has accumulated on the "cellar" side over the past who knows how many years. There were boxes and bags on the floor that were soaked with water. There are at least 10 industrial metal shelves down there and the boxes of stuff that were on the bottom shelves were also soaked with water. When we tried to move the boxes they fell apart and the contents of each box landed all over the damp floor. When we moved the shelves there were puddles of water under each of them.
Today was trash day and we had more trash out front than the entire rest of the neighborhood combined. I was amazed and delighted to discover that the trash company took it all!
The floor has yet to be sanitized as this afternoon we finally finished sweeping, shoveling, and raking up the bits and pieces of stuff that had fallen to the floor as we moved the boxes and shelves. For the most part other than the shelving the cellar is finally empty.
Not for long. As soon as everything has been cleaned up we will be moving more than 100 under-the-bed style plastic storage containers to the "cellar" side and storing them on the shelving units that are now empty and soon to be cleaned up. Those containers are filled with the materials I use in my teacher trainings so I must keep them safe from harm.
So although I haven't been thinking "greeting cards" I have been thinking "blog" and promise to post a greeting card blog within the next few days.
Here's to dry spring days!


Peggy Burns said...

I hear you, I am still cleaning my office downstairs. I get nervous every time we have rain. Looking forward to the next blog.

ahobbs said...

Please keep all that teacher "stuff" safe becuase I would love to learn with you again...SOON! Hang in there...sorry your basement has been such a disaster.